IT Outsourcing

Cleverlab offers itself as a straightforward, full IT outsourcing provider to:

  • release clients from the technical complexities of managing systems
  • provide superior quality services compared to those guaranteed by an insourcing model
  • design and implement IT infrastructure, some of which may even be temporary, minimising investment costs favouring a shift towards opex (operating expenses justified by the business) rather than capex (capital expenditure not specifically linked to the business)

Our solutions

IT infrastructure is increasingly more sophisticated and critical to a company’s operations, requires investment and expert resources, and needs to be protected and updated quickly.

Cleverlab offers IT services through its infrastructure, making the best use of resources and ensuring a cost-effective model.

Cleverlab offers software and hardware products for office automation, networking and security products, and innovative IoT solutions for the office of the future.

Professional services

Cleverlab offers high-quality remote services which meet up to 90% of client support requests. This reduces the costs of on-site assistance and enables services to be in line with clients’ expectations without the costs of dedicated local resources.

Remote support

Cleverlab integrates remote support with on-site assistance through local partners which carry out technical work which can’t be done remotely and liaise with clients to better identify their needs.


Cleverlab is the ideal partner to implement the most complex projects thanks to its extensive experience. Together with our partners, we are able to design, integrate and monitor all types of IT infrastructure.


Cleverlab is able to manage the following products effectively:

  • Network equipment
  • Laptops and accessories
  • Printers and Plotters
  • Software


Cleverlab manages the entire life cycle of security solutions from design to incident management through MCSOC – Managed Cybersecurity Operation Center:

  • organization: streamlined and effective to improve response time
  • tools: specific equipment for proactive and effective management
  • certifications: of industry-leading vendors
  • skills: a broad spectrum of vendors, security systems and technologies
  • experiences: multi-year in heterogeneous product environments and sectors
  • flexibility: customization and adaptation to the specific needs of customers

Oil & gas

In the Oil and Gas market, on-shore and off-shore, we are able to offer a wide range of IT products and services, including basic engineering, procurement services, construction, commissioning, and start-up and maintenance of IT solutions for EPC projects.

We have standard solutions but also custom solutions, as well as application consulting and customer support in all phases of the project through the support of sector specialists, guaranteeing the customer a Single Point Of Contact.

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Who’s It for?

Companies need IT services which offer:

  • full reliability
  • security
  • excellent performance
  • flexibility

All these requirements can be met with IT Outsourcing, without making significant investments in IT architecture and human resources.

What is IT Outsourcing?

Cleverlab offers professional services, both remotely and on-site on clients’ infrastructure, with a global approach and a simple price list: this is useful for multinational companies needing to simplify their purchasing procedures for IT products and services.

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Customized Solutions

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