Internet of Things

Cleverlab designs and integrates IoT solutions for enterprises and service providers – from platform to state of the art – with components already proven and tested in the field. Whether it be fleet management, consumption monitoring or asset control, our IoT solutions enable mastery of business information, maintenance cost savings, proactive and continuous monitoring.


Clevertrack is the solution we offer to monitor fleets and get real-time information about vehicles, and the activities of their drivers, through the latest IoT technologies.

User Interface of our monitoring system

Clevertrack’s web interface is powerful, flexible and intuitive and through the dashboard allows you to:

  • locate and view the status of monitored devices
  • interact with the devices to optimize their performance
  • fluidly navigate through the vast amounts of data that the IoT handles.

Our design expertise and field integration capability allows us to offer ready-to-use solutions quickly and seamlessly integrated with various devices and infrastructures. We are equipped with an in-house laboratory that makes the customizations necessary to transform our customers’ ideas into a valid, tested and effective solution.

Some Cleverlab IoT solutions

Fleet Management

Affordable and easy to use for fleet management.

Boats and Vessel Monitoring

GSM and satellite platforms, such as Iridium, to monitor devices, measure tank levels, track assets and much more.

Equipment Monitoring

For comprehensive management of equipment, collection of equipment data, operating conditions and overall health.

Tank Level Monitoring

For real-time monitoring of liquid levels in stationary tanks and mobile tank trucks.

Cell Tower Site Monitoring

For monitoring the vital parameters of broadcast antenna systems and remote management from the control centre.

Industrial IoT

Tools for remote control and management of industrial equipment, either automatically or with manual intervention, based on the parameters monitored.

We always find new solutions

The IoT world is constantly changing. New devices are brought to the market and new monitoring and control needs arise for the digitisation of processes and field experience.

Cleverlab, together with our partners, works on projects, prototypes and proof of concept to find new solutions in fields such as: Solar Plant Monitoring, Smart Home and Work, Smart Health, Wild animal tracking, Sport Events Management…

Why choose Cleverlab

Our IoT solutions remotely monitor and control the entire IT and IoT infrastructure, manage fuel and power consumption, reduce the risk of losses and penalties due to malfunctions and mismanagement, and guarantee a significant reduction in maintenance costs.

The Clevertrack platform is designed to:

Be business-oriented

Make the user experience simple and intuitive

Be efficient right from the source code

Grow with the customer

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