Digital Signature

In a scenario in which the role of the digital signature is increasingly important, we rely on our collaboration with Intesi Group – Qualified Trust Service Provider, in accordance with European Regulation eIDAS – to provide the most advanced and flexible digital signature solution globally:

  • Server PkBox, allowing you to keep key management in-house with the highest level of security and optimal performance
  • Time4Mind, a comprehensive platform providing Certification Authority, Remote Signature, Strong Authentication and Cloud Encryption services, based on PkBox and designed to offer a PaaS solution (Platform as a Service) for all the needs of Trust Digital Transformation.


PkBox is the only off-the-shelf digital signature server certified in Europe as a QSCD – Qualified Signature Creation Device – designed to manage millions of users and transactions, guaranteeing zero downtime and high-performance levels. And all this in compliance with the regulations.

PkBox guarantees the highest level of protection for keys and optimal performance for high transaction volumes, reaching thousands of signatures per second. Digital Signature services are available as an API for easy integration into applications. It is also possible to integrate Certification Authority external services and third-party Strong Authentication.

Signature Server

PkBox COD is a certified cryptographic software guaranteeing the highest levels of security thanks to HSM equipment (Hardware Security Module) for the storage of large quantities of private keys.

Cryptographic Appliance

nShield from nCipher is a high-quality, high-performance cryptographic appliance used by PkBox for secure key storage. It can be installed as a server card or via a Connect netHSM appliance. It enables encrypted keys to be stored in a Database and in turn create signature solutions with millions of active certificates without loss of security.

The appliance is certified Common Criteria EAL4+ and is therefore suitable for the implementation of eIDAS certified solutions.

Cloud Signature

With the PkBox Remote solution you can use PkBox COD servers as a cloud service hosted by local service providers in your country, without depending on foreign suppliers. PkBox Remote can be installed as a virtual server.

Who’s It for?

Many large private businesses (Finance and TelCo) and government institutions need to implement electronic signature and CA (Certification Authority) infrastructure to start the process of large-scale digital transformation.

The typical requirements, met by PkBox, are:

  • High level of reliability
  • Zero downtime
  • Redundancy across different sites
  • Excellent performance
  • Technical and regulatory compliance


Time4Mind is a platform for the provision of cloud services. It meets the needs of companies, their customers and their staff who also work on the move using iOS, Android or Web devices, and who expect a high calibre solution in terms of performance, reliability and security.

Time4Mind is based on customized infrastructure designed by Intesi Group, which integrates top quality third-party components together with software solutions developed in-house.

Digtial Signature

Digital signature services are implemented in Time4Mind through PkBox from Intesi Group, the most advanced and flexible solution available in Europe and certified QSCD – Qualified Signature Creation Device. Digital Signature can include Certification Authority services (both qualified and unqualified) to guarantee the best performance even when there are high volumes.


A two-factor authentication platform that provides OTP generation services on mobile devices (iOS and Android) with a customizable App or a SDK for integrating functionalities in the client’s Apps. The most innovative features include push authentication, push signature and management of approval workflows.

Who’s It for?

Nowadays many businesses need to:

  • Increase the activation rate of new products/services
  • Reduce back office operations and costs
  • Reduce the time for establishing relations/lead time
  • Reduce the production and use of printed material
  • Improve customer experience

With Time4Mind, companies can meet all these requirements by implementing a contract signing workflow with new customers based on a Digital signature.

What is a digital signature?

A Digital Signature is an indispensable tool for digitization. A digitally signed file has the same legal value as a signed paper copy but has many more advantages. It is faster and more efficient because a file can be signed by a PC or smartphone, at any time and in any place. Paper is avoided, helping to reduce costs and protect the environment. Furthermore, a digitally signed file guarantees better integrity and authenticity since any tampering or alteration can be immediately seen.

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