About us

Our mission is to offer security, outsourcing and automation, with a structured and innovative approach that overcomes geographical difficulties and cultural differences to build customized solutions.

The Cleverlab System is successful because it brings together established partners, innovative products and selected local suppliers, in a transparent, high-quality service for clients all over the world.

Cleverlab relies on an international team of experts with specific know-how on emerging technology issues and specially trained local staff.

Our portfolio of products and services is structured around three main pillars:

Our partners

It is possible to carry out business in four continents without being a multinational corporation. It isn’t always necessary to invest in dedicated infrastructure, staff and financial resources, particularly when this is not justified by the size of a project.

We have chosen to create a network of qualified, expert companies, ready to work all over the world, using modern technologies and equipment, making distance irrelevant.

In addition to our established partners, we work with carefully selected local suppliers for activities which have to be performed on site.

IT Outsourcing

  • SIO Perugia
  • Arkys
  • Canon
  • ITEA International
  • R-IT Solutions
  • Cyberoo

Digital Signature

  • Intesi Group
  • Indorse
  • GraphEast
  • nCypher

IoT solutions

  • Softwork
  • Haltian
  • Impretech International Group

Internationalization made easy

We provide our partners with the opportunity to reach new geographical markets more easily without making commercial and logistical investments, but with a simple cooperation agreement.

The ecosystem comprising our partners includes a thorough qualification process which is required to ensure the solutions for our clients are of the highest quality.

Our partners are highly specialized which makes them unique and enables us to integrate them into our catalogue as best of breed. Our partners are a strength for Cleverlab and the same is true for our clients.

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